Q: When are you playing next?
A: I hope begin playing solo or with my new ensemble towards the end of 2021. I promise to update this site as plans evolve.
Q: Are you on facebook? Instagram? Twitter?
A: Yes! Yes! Not really. (I’ll be updating these links once performance dates are booked.)
Q: Do you have sound and video samples?
Workin’ on it! Check back.
Q: Do you play private affairs?
A: Yes!
Q: Have you played festivals… cultural centers… concerts-in-the-park… (fill in your type of event)?
A: Yes!
Q: How much do you charge?
A: My rates are based on the number of musicians and length of the performance. By choosing the size of the group and length of performance I can create an ensemble to fit your vision and budget. Drop me a line to start a conversation.
Q: Is your music available for licensing?
A: Yes! Most of my recorded library is original music and lyrics 100% written, arranged, and owned by me! That makes music placement easy and affordable.
Q: Can you play some rock?
A: I could, but won’t.